I Don’t Want to Go to Heaven, None of My Friends are There

This duo was introduced to the art world as Franklyn and Brendan Connor. the two brothers, brought up in the American Cult The Family escaped into the "real world" after running away at the age of sixteen. they found themselves in Brooklyn, New York with absolutely no grasp of reality as we know it. The brothers set to interpreting their new world through art and philosophy. They would study subjects separately, discuss together, and create stunning work based upon their findings. 

The story proved to be a buzz-worthy one. From the get-go, The Connor Brothers had sold out shows. The art market was as obsessed with their identity as it was with the work they created. However, things took a turn in 2014 when their work was scheduled to be shown at both Bonham's and Christie's. The real men behind the alleged duo realized that looking forward, they were going to have to make a change. They realized they were to become more encumbered professionally by their pseudonyms than they originally planned. They outed themselves to the public through a much-gossiped over interview in the Telegraph.