“Sable and her horses represent the truest notion of freedom and the resiliency and power of Mother Nature. There is nowhere else on Earth quite as wild and as an artist, being there reminds me of the unrivaled beauty and magnificence of our natural world.”

By high school I had discovered the camera’s energizing capabilities, whether in the darkroom or out in the world. This is also when I got my first taste of travel, and having the camera at my side gave me a sense of purpose that felt meaningfully involved with the places I visited. It also offered me a license to explore using a creative mindset and the uninhibited sense of independence I so desperately craved. Yet, in those days it never occurred to me that this passion of mine could turn into a career.

However, after a college internship, I had an epiphany and realized I could make a career out of photography. Although I was acutely aware that it would not be an easy journey, from that moment on I became laser-focused on doing whatever it was I needed to do to make my professional photography career happen.

But first, I knew I needed to learn a lot more – so I moved to New York.