Well, I love the photographs. I don't love the cameras and everything but I love all the pictures and the life that I've captured. I mean I see it all the time, every day: we're always going through the archive and it's really interesting to me.

British photographer Terry O’Neill (1938-2019) made his name in the 1960s-70s, capturing shots of the stars he cosied up to on both sides of the Atlantic.

Attributing his success with celebrities to genuinely liking his subjects and offering plenty of ‘compliments’, O’Neill presented figures such as Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot and his one-time wife Faye Dunaway, often in intimate and unconventional compositions.

we offer a peek even further behind the curtain this month with our exhibition Terry O’Neill: The Vintage Collection.

His extensive archive of two million negatives, which has been revisited over the past five years, has provided 13 signed prints, 3 of which are fabulous contact sheets, that will be unveiled at the show, from September 15-29. with a few of these rare images we are told having not been on display before and they cannot be reproduced to the same level of authenticity following the sad death of the photographer last year.

O’Neill came to be familiar with David Bowie, The Beatles and Elizabeth Taylor, O’Neill started small. The son of Irish immigrants living in London, he was initially encouraged to become a priest. but he had dreams of being a Jazz Drummer.