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The Daughters of Medusa

The Daughters of Medusa

 The Daughters of Medusa

 Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

27th June The Koppel Project

6:30-9 pm


Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, The Daughters of Medusa features bold, figurative paintings of women – both self- portraits and subjects Rebecca knows – inspired by the mythological characterisation of women’s cycles, as well as personal stories and experiences.

”The power of the female gaze – which plays such a vital part in the story of Medusa – serves as one of the main focuses for the series of paintings. Even in Medieval times, it was believed that a glance from a menstruating or menopausal woman had the power to poison, or even kill. This illustrates the immense threat perceived not only from women’s menstrual blood (end period poverty) but also from female power itself, which still exists in many forms today.


“In a patriarchal world, works of art which pay homage to and honour the feminine divine today are much needed and important. As an endometriosis survivor who’s excruciating period pains were denied and unacknowledged for many years, it is a beautiful thing to have the dichotomy of my feminine pain and power acknowledged and revered in these stunning works by Rebecca Fontaine Wolf. I feel deeply honoured to be included as a muse in this important series of paintings”  

Adelaide Damoah

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