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Ten Starts From One Exhibition

Ten Starts From One Exhibition

Ten Starts From One Exhibition

at Mildred Cox Gallery Fulton, MO, USA

The Ten Starts From One exhibition will be on display at the Cox Gallery in the Gladys Woods Kemper Center for the Arts on the William Woods campus. The show will run from Friday, October 26 until Friday, November 18, with an opening reception and gallery talk on October 26 from 4-6 p.m.

We cannot be there to support Bartosz and I am sure there are people that would love to see the exhibition, so we will post and update you on it here 

“Ten Starts From One Exhibition,” featuring the work of the artist Bartosz Beda 

Bartosz Beda wants to believe that his paintings reveal on the canvas a kind of intellectualising of the internal human conflict of reality and hope, and of his own as well. He wants to draw the viewer into a consideration of fear, love, anguish, and other human emotions, and because the conflict is ongoing, there can be no successful end to the search for comfort, no matter how much we might hope for it. Ultimately, the futility of the search is an absurdity he says,

“I like to explore social and political issues in my work, these issues often expose themselves in hidden meanings, and Art has the power to help break through these barriers, it allows us to open up, focus and take a different view” 

                                                               bartosz beda exhibition


The Ten Starts from One Exhibition, will make you pause for thought as an art exhibition should, it is not always just pretty pictures, the work exhibited is intended to make the viewer think, look for meaning in the oil painted onto the canvas, not only appreciate the beauty of the forms presented but also to think; to think about how we learn, how we are expected to fit into certain norms, and why we can educate ourselves by sometimes taking a step beyond what we are expected to do. That’s why ‘Ten Starts from One’ is named as it is; it’s a title that is always asking a question, and how you answer it is entirely up to you.


ten starts from one Exhibition Bartosz Bedaten starts from one exhibition bartosz beda mildred cox gallery exhibition


“when we see a painting, we have that expectation to see a picture, and we want to recognize the objects in it or find the personal attachment in it. This is one way of defining what is real, and that is why we created the term ‘realism.’ However, when we look at the abstraction, we do not necessarily think of figure or object, but abstraction has that notion of physicality in the process of making it. For instance, Pollock or Rothko used specific objects, tools beside brushes that created the painting. It goes back to the first question about the duality of the painting. The form itself is interesting and does not need much representation, but can’t have much meaning around it – as when we bring the figuration or combination of abstract and representation. When I paint, I combine abstraction and representation, but I don’t create any systems in the abstract or figurative form within which objects, figures, and strokes find their order. The form is a conscious connection between me and the canvas. I interpreted the form created on the surface as the subconscious activity of the mind that reflects directly on the surface of the painting.”


Ten starts from one exhibition john white


The Mildred M Cox Art Center, in Fulton, MO, USA is open 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 1-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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