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Hayden Kays Prints

Hayden Kays Prints

Hayden Kays: Sending A Little Love

We are very pleased to be able to offer a Limited Edition Hayden Kays print for that very special Valentine in your life.

‘Sending You A Little Love’
The A3 size print measures 29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches. Ltd edition of 25
For only £295

 Hayden Kays original artwork sending you a little love


Hayden Kays: A New Generation Pop Artist

Hayden Kays is a painter, sculptor and printmaker whose work shows no fear,  always moving forward and keen to share his point of view. Featured in the Independent as one of “a new generation of Pop artists”, Hayden ironically and conspicuously illustrates how situation-related art can and should be.

He has shown himself to be an involved, sometimes complicit commentator on capitalist culture, rather than as an aloof critic of an omnipotent system. His reflections on art and culture are sometimes sardonic, absurd and wry, but they are also revealing, vaguely uncomfortable and almost always true.

For Hayden Kays not only is anything potentially art but he also routinely subjects his works to changes affected by the complex aesthetic, psychological, social and economic conditions of today’s experience.

Kays challenges the viewer not to passively accept what they see in the gallery or anywhere else.

All About Love

Harry Styles splashed out on £20k of Hayden’s artworks recently, most of the 20 pieces were about sex and love. Each print cost the millionaire pop star £1000 – and with Harry buying 20 prints the total price of the expensive shop came to £20,000. The star’s chosen prints surrounded the theme of love and humour, with each emblazoned with a phrase such as, ‘I will love you until the cold runs hot’ and ‘If I wasn’t straight I’d definitely be gay’. Another is a print of just seven words on a plain white background, simply saying: ‘I think about sex every sex words’.

Hayden Kays Need To Know

Hayden kays has lived the entirety of his existence in London.
Hayden has 2 middle names, Caleb and James.
Hayden weighs 66 kilogrammes.
Hayden likes to touch things he knows he shouldn’t.
Hayden coined the expression “15 minutes of lame.”
Hayden has a severe issue with authority.
Hayden likes nothing more than to mock.
Hayden likes nothing less than people who refer to themselves in the third person.

Hayden Kays A little Press

Hayden Kays Interview in The Evening Standard 01/02/2017

Kays has been guest editor of the Arts & Culture pages of Hunger magazine and has recently featured in TIRADE. His work hangs alongside Banksy and Sir Peter Blake on the walls of The Groucho Club as part of their permanent collection. He is currently working on an epic series of new work for an exhibition in spring 2016.

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