One Planet One Chance: Zebra One Gallery and Leah Wood Curate Charity Exhibition for Cool Earth and The Sea Shepherd UK

We are proud to have had so many incredible artists who share our passion - many of whom captured its incredible natural wonders up close and provided them for the show and others who have seen the devastating impact humans have had on the planet, and explore that in the exhibition and - more importantly - what we can do to help it heal.”

The exhibition featured art celebrating the earth, sea and its beautiful animals, marine-life and ecosystems, which urgently need our help and has been curated by Wood and Zebra One Gallery’s Gabrielle Du Plooy, showcasing pieces including Damien Hirst’s cherry blossoms, Andy Warhol's Flowers and Bein Eines’ Earth.

A host of artists passionate about conservation also contributed work to the project, including photographer William Fortescue's breathtaking shots of animals in their natural habitat, El Hardwick’s bold photography,  exploring how to heal a damaged planet; Chris Fallows’ Lightbox photographic encounters with iconic animals in extraordinary moments; photography from explorer, photographer and environmentalist Konrad Bartelski - from the Norwegian Arctic to Antarctica - as well as bee, butterfly and polar bear paintings by Leah Wood and pieces by urban artists Dom Pattinson and the provocative international painter and sculptor Mason Storm.

Wood says: “My passions are art, painting and my ambassador work for Cool Earth, so I’m proud to combine these to raise money and awareness for Cool Earth and Sea Shepherd at such a critical time for the planet.’

The exhibition launched with a VIP Private View at Koppel Project on 2 June and opened to the public on 3 June, beforeit moved to Zebra One Gallery’s virtual exhibition ( with a few key pieces available to view in person at the Hampstead gallery until 31 July.

The charity partners of the show were Cool Earth - UK-based, international NGO that protects endangered rainforests in order to combat global warming, protect ecosystems and provide employment for local people - and Sea Shepherd UK, the international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation.

Featured artist, Bartelski's career from champion Olympic skier to explorer and photographer has given him first-hand experience of the effect man is having on the delicate ecosystems above the snow-line.

He says: “We are seeing the stark and frightening evidence that humans have had on the very delicately balanced nature.

“The scale of the vanishing Mer de Grace above Chamonix is staggering. In 1980 one of my most treasured memories was skiing down the Pad de Che╠Çvres, below the Grand Montets, yet 40 years later I could not repeat that same experience, due to the huge loss of the glacial ice.”

Chris Fallows’ breathtaking Lightbox photography in the show is the culmination of more than 3000 days spent at sea and at least four visits to all seven continents.

He concludes: "It is my sincere hope that my images conjure up a sense of pride for sharing our planet with these incredible creatures and create a need to conserve what is left, so that others may walk the same path of privileged natural experiences as I have done.”