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Execute Magazine

Execute Magazine

Execute Magazine – A Platform for Artists and Creatives

Execute Magazine is an online magazine. Its primary focus is centered on art and the Creative Spaces. Its aim is to feature emerging, mid-career, and established artists with updates about art movements, show reviews and event schedules. It is designed for collectors, artists, art dealers, art professionals and other readers interested in the art world. It has an active website, ExecuteMagazine.com

Execute Magazine was founded in 2017 by Bartosz Beda, a contemporary Artist based in America, whose art has been widely interviewed and referenced by publications such as The Independent, A-N Magazine, Masters for Axisweb, Arteon Art Magazine, and Studio International. Execute was launched initially to focus on painting, sculpture, video art and performance, the idea for the magazine is to embrace a wider range of creative topics, from art collecting to the relationship between visual art and architecture and everything in between.

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Although located in the United States, the magazine aims to reach a global audience. At the moment, Execute mainly focuses on art, but Beda envisions a wider range of topics and creative content.

“The primary goal was to make the magazine informative and to give artists a platform to speak about their craft, but this is only a beginning, as we would like the magazine to cover all aspects of creativity,” says Beda.

Only one year old, the magazine has featured a selective group of artists like Pavel Buchler, Mamma Anderson, Luca Vitone, Jason Butler and more recently Justin Bowers.

Beda’s work is mostly in private collections in Europe, South Africa, and the United States. In the United Kingdom, his work is available through Zebra One Gallery. His main passion is painting, although recently he has been working on an ambitious installation with the title ‘Social Structure,’ which refers to the mythical symbolism of pyramid power in our pop-cultural thinking. “The idea came to me when I moved to the United States. The sculptures explore their own space and weight and potential motion in relation to the space around them.”

Beda has created Execute Magazine as a result of his own international experience as an artist, his exposure to the many different places he has lived, and his passion for the meaningful sharing of art in the world. The magazine was created to embrace other artists and provide an opportunity for them to share their work and their vision.

This article was first published on The Drum by wangzamedia inc

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