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Dain Nyc Collaboration

Dain Nyc Collaboration

Dain Nyc Collaboration, PUMA’s Breaker Sneaker Employs a Punk Ethos to Bring Classic Styles to the Modern Age

Creating a mural with DAIN to merge past countercultures with the new school.

Dain Nyc collaboration, ever since the late ’70s explosion of punk and hardcore subculture, countless brands have looked to the massively-influential movement for inspiration for their collections. Breaking the traditional mould of “punk-influenced” products, PUMA revisits one of its classic court silhouettes and looks to the future of fashionable athletic wear for its new Breaker sneaker. A current Big Sean favourite, the new iteration commemorates world-changing ’80s New York and London countercultures.


credits Puma

To introduce the product and breathe life into its debut, PUMA has recruited a renowned artist known for his authentic commitment to masterfully merging past eras and contemporary cultural forces: NYC street art legend DAIN. “When you live in a city like New York, inspiration’s everywhere,” explains DAIN.

“You don’t really have to look for it, it kind of finds you. Just walk along the streets: the walls, it’s the people — there’s just so much colour, so much beauty, so much going on.”

Creating a special installation in Brooklyn, DAIN used the tools of his trade to artfully convey the Breaker’s guiding lights. The street art veteran turns the minimalist, straightforward sneaker into a vehement, vibrant tribute to the society-shifting crusades that led to the aesthetic and approach of most modern creative outlets.

You can view PUMA and DAIN’s showcase of the Breaker above. Consumers can pick up their own pair in Black, Muted Clay and Pebble online and at select retailers.

Presented by PUMA

Dain’s artist page

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