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Tobias Pinto

Tobias Pinto Bio

Tobias Pinto hyperrealism paintings capture the essence of the female portrait.

Pinto paints figurative, photorealistic oil paintings.

Tobias Pinto always drew from a young age, he always felt compelled to create, art was his release. after finishing school Tobias Pinto went on to study design and technology all this while he was still drawing and had taught himself tattooing within a 6 Month period and he started to work in a Tattoo studio becoming much sought after for his ink work.

After 2 Years it was not stimulating him in the way that he needed, “I felt my art had to grow, I was always wanting to be in the studio with the oils rather than the inks”.
Tobias Pinto started painting in 2013 and it was becoming his passion, his obsession, it was all he was wanting to do with his time, it was taking over in 2018 he finally decided to quit his Job and dedicate his self to paint.
For Tobias art is the main focus in his life, It completes him.
“I think that in the beginning, I felt I needed to learn more and to discover who I was as an artist, I needed to learn how to paint I came to the point where I wanted to express something in my pictures, a state of mind, an inner meaning, a feeling, a moment, I wanted to capture the beauty of the female and to show what I could do with brushes rather than the ink,
These are the first paintings that I am happy to show as I continue on my artistic voyage”.
Tobias Pinto Zebra One post on Instagram
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