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Moritaka Toko Suzuki

Moritaka Toko Suzuki

Moritaka Toko Suzuki artworks are inspired by the realistic paintings created by the 19th-century old masters. He is an academic artist trained in a classical art atelier in Florence, Italy. He trained intensively for 3 years and through receiving a similar training to the old masters he has acquired an immense amount of knowledge and techniques.

He is Japanese, born in New York, grew up in Sydney and was trained in Italy. Through exposure to many different cultures, Moritaka Toko Suzuki has naturally developed a unique aesthetic, which he combines with his traditional techniques to create contemporary results. He paints using oils and he is most known for his figurative and still, life works.

Moritaka’s Grandfather was an accomplished painter, so naturally, he was very interested in art from a young age. However he also comes from a family full of engineers, doctors and scientists, so his approach to painting is calculated and precise. He has an instinctive ability to detect subtle nuances of colour and has the knowledge to mix rich and vivid colours. He also has a keen eye for accurate draftsmanship and pays close attention to edge quality. All this allows him to create a realistic illusion of form, light and texture.

Moritaka Toko Suzuki aims to paint efficiently with the fewest amounts of brush strokes as possible. This allows him to maintain a genuine quality to the work; it is a fine balance between super realism and impressionism. Before he starts to put any paint on the canvas, Moritaka goes through the painting process from the beginning to the finish in his mid. In other words, he has the vision of the finished work already in his mind and works out the preliminary, secondary and finishing touches before he starts the actual painting. His works are in private collections in USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Moritaka Toko Suzuki has been a finalist in many art prizes. He won both the Emerging Artist Prize and the Viewers’ Choice Prize in the 2016 Mosman Art Prize.

2012 UNSW College of Fine Arts
2016 Angel Academy of Art, Florence Italy.

Awards and Grants:
2017 Finalist: KAAF Art Prize
2017 Finalist: Blacktown Art Prize
2017 Finalist: Georges River Art Prize
2017 Finalist: The Shirl – National Youth Portrait Prize
2017 Finalist: Mosman Art Prize
2017 Finalist: Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Awards
2017 Finalist: Waverley Art Prize
2016 Finalist: Art Renewal Center Salon
2016 Winner: Mosman Art Society Viewers’ Choice Prize, Mosman Art Prize
2016 Winner: Emerging Artists Prize, Mosman Art Prize
2016 Winner: 2nd Place in Art Renewal Center (ARC) Scholarship competition
2016 In-house Scholarship, Angel Academy of Art
2016 Special Merit Category, Figurative Art Exhibition Light Space & Time, 2016
2016 FAV 15, BoldBrush Painting Competition July

2018 .M Contemporary, Sydney
2017 The Shirl, Finalist Exhibition
2017 KAAF Art Prize, Finalist Exhibition
2017 Mosman Art Prize, Finalist Exhibition
2017 Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Art Awards Exhibition
2017 Waverley Art Prize Finalists Exhibition
2017 Angel Academy of Art Student Exhibition
2016 Mosman Art Prize, Finalists Exhibition
2016 Gallery Klei, Still Life Exhibition
2015 Student Exhibition, Japan


Moritaka’s Youtube channel where you watch the process of his work and subscribe to his channel.

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