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Metis Atash


Metis Atash creations combine conceptual, minimalist, and pop art traditions. They unite pop aesthetics with deep, spiritual and sensitive meanings in today’s society in a way that is accessible to the fast-pace, modern society.

She is as dynamic as the pieces that she meticulously sketches, constructs, and brings to life. German by nationality but truly a citizen of the world, Metis’s vast global travel to places far and wide eventually lead her to the inlet of Miami.

“What holds my interest is the question of Being, Self, Soul, and why we are here?”.

“What is our journey and how can we make us and the world around us better?”

“How can we advance ourselves to a life of  truth, goodness, and love?”

It has been my greatest gift to discover this quest through spiritual practice and through this, to understand that we live in two different worlds simultaneously: the physical and the spiritual, we are so familiar with and focused on acting in the physical world that any other kind of action is hard to fathom.

Dripped in thousands of Swarovski crystals

Metis’s creations are married to breath taking visual. Her fierce entrepreneurial spirit and gift for business has lead to the meteoric rise of her work in visibility among design and architectural circles.

A fusion of worldly pleasures and spiritual insights.

My challenge has always been (and still is at times) how to marry these worlds without the feeling of guilt and selfishness?  But I have learned that as long as I allow myself to stay true to myself by accepting and loving what is, these two worlds could never beto df a contradiction but a union. And so are my pieces.




Metis AtashGermany



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