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Matthew Hance

Matthew Hance bio

Matthew Hance is an avid observer, his artwork catches the most finite of details and chooses its stories to tell with visual play. Hance creates work based on intuition and fate, leaving some of the work to chance and some to planning and execution.

Matthew Hance is a graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art and earned a Bachelors in Fine Art with a concentration in painting. Hance’s current body of work is highly focused on the concept of memory. The ability to store and recall information is one of the most amazing capacities of higher organisms.

Our memories encapsulate our sense of personal identity, our cultural identities, and the meaning of our lives. Our perception of any given thing changes invariably at each moment of interaction. Involuntary memory is not immediate memory, but something that seeps in when you’re not aware. Hence, the experience of an image is different each time, which ultimately offers fresh perspectives on something so familiar as in portrait painting.

One way Matthew Hance achieves this in his work is by organizing a painting around unpredictable changes in composition, rhythm, and weight. Other themes that are explored are energy (auras), dynamism, cognitive psychology, anthropomorphism, gender identity, and anthroposcopy which is defined as the act of determining the character or personal characteristics from the form or features of the body especially the face.

Matthew Hance is an artist whose work embodies a feeling of insightful connection, intrigue and a sense of home. His work is incredibly unique and based in the long-standing tradition of portraiture. Soulful and sensitive, each piece is different and feels personal. Each person or creature has a range of detail and focus in their piece and the viewer feels like they are truly seeing the subject in an intimate way. Hance has been working in the arts for over 20 years and is currently the art preparator for the New Orleans Museum of Art. Feeding off the spiritual and creative energy that flows through the city of New Orleans like blood through veins, Hance’s paintings carry some of that spirit in them.


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