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Lily Son

Lily Son Bio

Lily Son was born in Busan in South Korea in 1991. When I was living in Korea, I felt a thirst for the need to study painting, so I went to study in Chicago. I work in various countries, but now I am working in Korea.
I studied fine art at the School of the Fine Art Institute of Chicago. Since then, I have been inspired by many cities and my time spent soaking up the sights and sound in the United States and it led to my working on this series of inspirations.

As Lily Son travelled through various cities, her main focus was on the colours that each city had. She returned to Korea in 2015 to exhibit in her first group exhibition which was a sell-out. This was the first time her work had been introduced to the world.

“One of the hardest things I had to do while working on my paintings was the feeling of being trapped, to be in natural prejudice. When I express myself frankly, I found I was able to eliminate the prejudice by itself”.

“ Feeling Diary” ( Leave 10% for your inspiration )

Feeling; A feeling of relaxation or feeling in the event of something happening.
Communication; In our interaction with others, we share or exchange information with them.

I approached the work with these both dictionary and instinctive definitions. The sense is too objective and emotions are too subjective and temporary.

I judged that the fabric of the canvas that can create the greatest number of things is a place of emotional evidence. So instead of thinking about it as a drawing on canvas, I thought I would write down my feelings on the diary paper that can symbolize it everywhere. Human beings are instinctive animals who want empathy. Even when you
listen to music and read a book, you can find a link between your emotions. And I also want to find a link between those emotions, and I’m working on searching for such connections.

Lily son Artists Statement

Even though my painter’s intentions are important, I think that it is only complete to communicate with the audience who see the paintings. Therefore, all of the feelings, emotions, and situations were expressed using the diary paper, which is the most straightforward expression of all stories.
My inspirations depend on the moments, moods and situations, so it’s different every time, and you can see that there’s a different meaning over time.

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