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Joachim Van Der Vlugt

Joachim Van der Vlugt Bio

Joachim van der Vlugt is a Dutch painter born in 1970. He lives and works in Luxembourg.
He is one of the founding members of the Sixth-floor artist’s collective in Koerich, Luxembourg.He studied at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ABKM) between 1988 and 1993

Joachim van der Vlugt: An Orchestrated Chaos

All the fascination of van der Vlugt’s paintings stems from the spontaneity of the gesture, driven by raw energy and a very sound and solid technique, from which one can easily gauge the influence of the great Flemish masters. With a limited range of colours, this Dutch artist obtains, in superposing layers, a depth and an intensity which plunges the viewer into endless exploration.

Flemish Masters presented two main periods of grand significance for artistic development during which they influenced artists around the European continent. Both of these periods were powerfully defined by the socio-economic and political situations of the time. The Flemish movement began during the reign of the Dukes of Burgundy with prosperity and peace, a time that later transitioned into arduous civil wars and religious crises.



The first period of Flemish art is identifiable right after the Middle Ages. During this time, some of the most renowned Dutch painting masters were Jan van Eyck and Melchior Broederlam, among a few others.

During this period, as well as during the one to follow, the subjects represented on Flemish panels revolved around religion as you can see with Van der Vlugts figurative pieces they too have religious connotations, But, the most important development by Flemish and Netherlandish artists during the early 15th century was the invention of oil painting as we practice it today. Melchior Broederlam contributed a very significant piece of art to this movement, the “Dijon Altarpiece.” where you can wonder if not see the influence his  piece has had on Van der Vlugts work,


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Joachim Van Der VlugtLuxembourg



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