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Hiroshi Sato

Hiroshi Sato Art

Hiroshi Sato was born in September 1987 in Japan, he spent his childhood in Tanzania. His childhood exposure to alternate cultures, class, and language has served as a backdrop to his interest in human perception. Hiroshi Sato art is focused on contemporary realist fine art painting. He is best known for paintings of figures in an interior environment.


Hiroshi Sato is influenced by…

“My defining influences in Art have been Chuck Close, Euan Uglow, Vermeer, Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. Chuck Close was the artist who showed me how I want the eye to see illusionism. Euan Uglow defined how I would technically want to paint. Vermeer showed me how to place information. Edward Hopper showed me how to leave out information. Andrew Wyeth showed me that it’s possible to convey the nonverbal to an audience”

Hiroshi Sato paintings show his interest in geometric design principles of the old masters and is currently exploring the simultaneous illusion of form and flatness in space. His goal is to portray and better understand our various states of consciousness within ourselves through the visual medium.

“In all of my paintings, I’ve always been interested in psychology and human perception. Perception is what I’m focusing on the most; it’s the doorway to your internal world from your external world. I’m interested in how those two interact and how they feed into each other, which is perception itself. This is no indication of how successful I am in terms of my painting, but I like the literature of Jorge Luis Borges and Haruki Murakami, that kind of metafiction and surrealism. That’s what I want to figure out how to do in a painting, my studio is in Mission District in San Francisco. I am a loosely organised person in that I prefer to know where I have put tools, but I will not waste time organising. I have a routine and so I already know what I will use and therefore ease of access is prioritised”.


Form and Realism

Hiroshi Sato’s work presents a refreshing take on exact moments in time. The contemporary realist paintings are seen as snapshots, capturing intimate and still moments. He emphasises form with his use of light and dark and evokes strong emotions by highlighting different sections of each painting. His use of geometric design elements adds both frame and flatness by playing with illusion and perspective.

Hiroshi Sato’s work has been featured in various publications such as Kunstenaar Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur, Juxtapoz Magazine, Visual Art Source and Art Business News Magazine. The Financial Times (How to Spend it)

Hiroshi Sato Awards and Honours

2017 Rise Art competition finalist, Rise Art

2017 The 19th Annual International Portrait Competition, Portrait Society of America, Certificate of Excellence award

2016 The Artist’s Magazine, “Haircut type 1”

2014 The International Arts Finalist  “Changing Tide”

2014 Portraits, and Figures, “Sun”

2014 International People and Figures Finalist, “Closet”

Hear his podcast with “Waiting to Dry” here

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