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Noma Biography

Contemporary man 21st Century’s Mona Lisa

It’s one of the many organisms with which we share life in the modern era in which we live, and on the other hand, it’s only one of the 21st century’s expendable products which could disappear at any time.
We live in a rapidly changing digital era, locked in the same patterns within media, simply repeating on, off following their suggestions. It’s a small lifeless pixel on a TV screen, and like one of the many tools we use to create the future. We always hide our feelings and goals in the face of some unknown enemy who could appear at any time. Our crooked desires and greed are hidden behind a warm, happy face, and each person has his or her own way of expressing the same cries.
Noma says even at that moment when our hidden emotions are exposed, they are locked as if in a trap, and our emotions are always suppressed and don’t match our faces, as if we had a machine inside us calculating the right words and expressions, while we never express our true feelings and movements.

The warm smile of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa from 15th century reflects suppression, and the moment when we express our repressed desires is our own free expression.

That is the self-portrait of you and Noma living in the 21st century. . .


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G.hwanNoh.NomaSouth Korea


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