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Finn Stone

Finn Stone Bio

Born in 1971, Finn Stone has inherited all the exuberant energy, the joy of life and strength of conviction of his Irish parentage. Combined, these qualities provide him with an inexhaustible source of gregarious inspiration, which embraces the most diverse creative disciplines.

Finn studied in Preston and Middlesex University and has been heavily influenced by Verner Panton’s use of colour and organic shapes. He describes himself as a sculptor, favouring shape, text and sculptural forms over two-dimensional surfaces. It was at college where he started exploring different materials and moulding techniques


Finn Stone Sculpture

Having created a diverse range of renowned design products, Finn Stone has moulded his love of eccentricity into the realm of sculpture art, where his practice is governed both by his flamboyance and his overzealous imagination. Somewhat of a sculptural harlequin, he creates work that is juxtapositioned to challenge the banal as he simultaneously tips his hat to his own dream world. Finn Stone continues to create one-off sculptural pieces that are a by-product of his lateral thinking and are dripping in absurdity.

Taking inspiration from popular culture

Finn creates fantastic alternative worlds in which the viewer can indulge into. Everyday objects are transformed and become a playground amongst an array of surreal characters. He injects personality into objects by manipulating colour and form to bring a new perspective. He uses materials such as aluminium & fibreglass, as well as more mundane, everyday household items such as Lego and toy cars.

To be an artist, you need to understand materials, you need to understand time and you need to understand people’ – Finn Stone

Finn Stone has over fifteen years of experience within the art world and is one of the UK’s leading makers of fibreglass furniture, mostly known for his ‘Ball Chair’, which is sold worldwide. The commercial success and demand for his world-renowned ‘Ball Chair’, has freed Stone to explore other artistic avenues leading to a process of exploration, which has become the founding pillars of his fine artwork.

Finn talks exclusively to Arty Facts about the creative process behind his piece ‘Vincent’.

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