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Bartosz Beda


Born in Poland in 1984, Bartosz Beda relocated to the UK in 2008 to study at the Manchester School of Art. After graduating in 2012 with an MA in Fine Art, Beda was selected for the 2012 Catlin Art Guide as the most promising emerging artist in the UK.


Bartosz Beda Paintings

He was short-listed for the Title Art Prize, the Door Prize and The Saatchi New Sensations 2012, he won the esteemed Torwy Award for the Best of the North of England in 2012. Bartosz Beda was a finalist for the Williams Drawing Prize in Connecticut, USA, and won second place in the Viewpoints 2014 competition at the Aljira, Center for Contemporary Art in New Jersey, USA, 2014.

He has had solo exhibitions in Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, Colombia and the United States. His works are in private collections throughout Europe, the United States, South Africa and Asia.

Bartosz Beda’s energetic style, his decisions on what parts he defines and where he smears his paint, produces beautiful objects in themselves.

Whenever Bartosz has a new show, he has to push the boundaries of painting … to think what he will do next, and how will he do a new subject

His portraits sell in Europe as fast as he can create them. But, according to an article in UK’s MoneyWeek magazine titled ‘Six Rules for Spotting Great Art,’ Beda refuses to rest on his laurels. It would have been very easy for him to continue to create similar works, according to MoneyWeek. (But) he has deliberately challenged himself to evolve his practice.


Bartosz Beda is pushing himself through his Art

Bartosz Beda doesn’t shy away from pursuing greatness through his art. “There are a lot of great painters but only a few of them who are really trying to understand what painting is or how a painting can be changed to still keep it fresh as a medium,” Bartosz said. “Finding new ways of reinventing myself is really important.”

Bartosz Interview: It takes only a couple of seconds to see if a painter is talented. Then one hopes they’re consistent and prolific, and this is why we love Bartosz

He describes himself as an artist who explores new perspectives in painting. He lives and works both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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