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Discover Our Contemporary Art Paintings In London

The contemporary art world is constantly widening and shrinking to its environment: the world as we know it and don’t know it. Contemporary art has a difficult definition but can be simply summarised by the view of the worldly, culturally diverse and technologically advancing planet we live on being characterised through art.

If you’re looking to source some of the best contemporary art paintings in London it’s important that you find a gallery that can flaunt work from contemporary artists from around the world. At Zebra One Gallery we can lay claim to housing some of the most diverse and extraordinary pieces of contemporary art in our London gallery.

We’re passionate about the work we do with upcoming artists as well as those well established in the industry. We do all we can to give their work the time of day that other galleries can’t, enabling us to show off amazing contemporary art paintings in London to visitors, buyers and collectors from across the world.

Whether you’re looking to add something to your bedroom, your living area, your study or your office, we’ve got the skills to find contemporary art paintings that are exactly to your tastes. To discover more about our work in London, speak to our team at Zebra One Gallery today.