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Gabrielle du Plooy interview

Gabrielle du Plooy interview

Interview with Zebra One Gallery owner, Gabrielle du Plooy

Tells us what you have been up too since we last interviewed you Gabrielle du Plooy

Well we had a fantastic 2016, we saw some our Artists such as Dom Pattinson, Mason Storm, Flore, and Dan Pearce as well as the fantastic Bartosz Beda’s careers reach greater heights.

You had some wonderful exhibitions last year anything on the horizon for this year.

We are just finalising a couple of ideas that I cannot really say too much about at the moment, I can say that they will be in London and a bit of participation from fans of Art might be involved haha

What other artists are you featuring?

Aiiroh Oeuvres, Ali B, Bartosz Beda, Bert Stern, CantStopGoodBoy, DAIN, Dan Pearce, Dom Pattinson, Finn Stone, Flore, Gerry Laffy, Harper & Deyong, Henrik Placht, James Rawson, Joe Castro, Karen Bystedt, Kate Garner, Mason Storm, Metis Atash, Paula Baader, Phil Knott, Philip Townsend (R.I.P) Raul, Rolland Berry, Russell Marshall, Shani Joel, Sonya Hurtado, The Producer BDB, Yannick Hamon, Yves Hayat

What are your plans for the year ahead?

We have some fantastic events coming up and once again we are looking to collaborate with some fantastic venues and people. We are in talks with “The Collective and Creativeetc” on a few ideas that we could get out there, we are looking at the ideas of disruption as a theme…

What do you love about what you do?

The wide and varied people I get to meet, the beautiful things I get to see and the events, collaborations with big names, making an emerging artist into a collectable artist and advising people on what they should have in their house

Who has caught your eye recently in the art world?

“Dain” is working hard and has just had his first major show in the U.S, Flore is killing it at the moment and had a fantastic show with Hublot at Miami Art.

What is the history behind Zebra Gallery?

ZEBRA ONE gallery first opened its doors over 40 years ago in London’s quaint Hampstead Village and has become one of the country’s leading destinations for art collectors, as well as stars of stage and screen.
Launched in 1976 by former soldier Lee Brew, and named after his South African army codename, Zebra One quickly earned a reputation for sourcing the most desirable pieces in the world – many by Old Masters and the most famous artists of their time.

Regular customers included Peter Cook, Pierce Brosnan and even former Labour leader Michael Foot, whose wife would help import art from all over the world to sell in the Perrin’s Court Gallery.

Brew eventually moved to Hong Kong and gave Zebra One – by now a hugely well known and respected business – to his daughter, photographer Gabrielle du Plooy.

Gabrielle du Plooy set about modernising the gallery to meet the changing tastes of the art world, and high-worth and one-off photographs became its raison d’être, alongside pieces by modern artists like Dan Baldwin and Dom Pattinson.
With that came a new clientele of modern-day stars: Ricky Gervais, Dynamo, Liam Gallagher and The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett can often be found browsing the pieces on offer alongside customers who travel from all over the UK to source Zebra One’s exclusive art.

The gallery’s continuing success is undoubtedly due to Gabrielle du Plooy’s incredible ability – no doubt learnt from years of watching her father at work – to uncover pieces from all over the world that fetch thousands. From postcards drawn by jailbird Charles Bronson to previously unknown artists like Dom Pattinson, whose work has been snapped up by George Clooney to gift to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as a wedding present.

You have a gallery in Hampstead and Hong Kong, are you looking to expand elsewhere?

Not at the moment, never say never though…

Your whole family are involved in the business, so was it a natural progression for you to take over the business or did you have other career plans?

It was a natural progression for me after studying photography and having a lifelong love of all things creative.

Here is Looking forward to 2017 and continued success for the gallery.




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