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Rolland Berry


Rolland Berry is a contemporary artist residing in Los Angeles, California, whose work bridges the gap between fine art, pop art, and graffiti.

Rolland, was raised in the small farm town of Birdtown, Arkansas, Rolland’s family moved to Los Angeles in 1990 for his high school years. After which, Rolland was awarded sequential scholarships to Otis College of Art and Design and Pasadena Art Center, where he attended both before dropping out.

It was then that Rolland translated his artistic skills into clothing and began selling to domestic and international boutiques, and high-end retailers like Barney’s, Fred Segal, and Ron Herman., he continued to expand his retail distribution entering mass retailers such as Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, as well as collaborating with brands such as Reebok, Obey and PF Flyers.

Rolland Berry’s intense works

As an artist, Rolland jumps from free large murals and pop icon portraits to smaller works on paper, silk-screening, aerosol and hand-painting.

Street art has always appealed to Rolland because of the nature of the game, “it’s in your face…. Like it or not and it’s up until someone goes over you or paints over your work. It’s temporary so it makes it more valuable to me. It also helps me quench my thirst for mischief as it’s a live game of cops and robbers… Me against everyone else. Street art is pure, it is very simple; 1. Make art. 2. Have the balls to Put up your art. 3. Repeat. Very few things in life are this simple and fulfilling”.

Whether inspired by colour, history, modern culture, or spirituality, Rolland Berry has built himself a brilliant identity using powerful elements such as bold collages and unique colour concepts which are always guided by his own rules and sense of style. immediately recognisable whether it’s art, clothing, or mixed media.

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