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Paula Baader


Paula Baader has an MFA from the Royal College of Art in London and completed her undergraduate studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster, Germany. In 2015 her work was included in the prestigious Summer Exhibition at London’s Royal Academy, and in 2013 one of her paintings was exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London.


Paula Baader Abstracts

Working with a subdued colour palette, Paula creates abstracted paintings influenced by walking through cities, observing her surroundings and translating her fragmented thoughts and experiences into personal visual maps.

Paula Baader paints rooms, all sorts of rooms, spaces, places of activity. Baader uses rooms to explore memory and the emotional remnants that make a space it’s own.

In many ways we’re looking into her life, through the window of a canvas, into her own activities whether it be in a studio, a market, a class and other places she frequents or has an emotional attachment to, her paintings are an expression of her time there.

The viewer can shimmy along to recognisable figurative elements – a table, a shelf, screens, chairs, colours – when searching for shapes learned when immersed in the details they can lose the overview.

Primarily she is interested in her paintings from a picturesque perspective. A form of wealth and variety of detail. The function is secondary for her. It’s not about the reproduction of reality, but rather their interpretation.


A Birds Eye Perspective

She aims to create personal maps with thousands of tiny little details, visible as scribbles, spots and blots. The outcome of what she perceives everyday is transformed into a birds eye perspective. These works have no intention to inform, or to guide, but rather stimulate and give pleasure, irritate and place disorientating demands on a viewer’s eyes.


2010 October — 2014 September | Diploma | Fine Art | Academy of Fine Arts | Muenster2013 September — 2013 December | Study Abroad Programme | Fine Art | Chelsea College of Art and Design | London 2014 September — 2016 July | MA | Painting | Royal College of Art | London

Show 2016 | Royal College of Art

Handpicked by Saatchi Art’s Chief Curator for their most prestigious feature, Invest In Art

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